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…Certified Relocation Specialist
…Certified Residential Specialist® (CRS)
…Graduate Realtor Institute® (GRI)
…Senior Real Estate Specialist®

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My Three Daughters…and
…Skiing…Mountain Biking…Hiking…Golf
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…The Mobility Project Volunteer
…Muir Trail Girl Scout Board of Directors
…Little League Baseball Board Member
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…American Cancer Society
…Arthritis Foundation
…Boy Scouts of America
…Center for Human Services
…Childrens Crisis Center
…Christmas Can Tree
…Community Hospice
…Future Farmers of America
…4H of America
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…Muscular Distrophy Association
…Muir Trail Girl Scouts
…Oak Valley Hospital Foundation
…Prodigal Sons & Daughters
…Roc Wheels Mobility Project
…Salvation Army
…Sunshine Kids

Do you know this about Bill?

Bill knows how important it is to do something you truly love and believe in…


Bill Holtzclaw is a man who has been described as both dedicated and a problem solver. But he is quick to move beyond those labels and say he is who he is. He doesn’t feel “real fancy.” He doesn’t feel like he’s somebody special. The one thing he will admit to is being a local boy who’s here to take care of things and a man who owns a successful small business with hundreds of highly satisfied clients throughout the central valley region of California.

He’s known as being “solid as a rock;” the nickname evolved from his straightforward way of dealing with people and their problems. Match that oh-so-direct approach with this solid 6-foot-1-inch frame and a gaze that could put Superman’s X-ray vision to shame, and you can’t help but feel compelled to listen when he speaks.

“When I talk about real estate, people don’t have to guess where I stand,” says Holtzclaw in his smooth, calming style. “That’s pretty discernible.”


Before he even had much experience with forming complete sentences, Holtzclaw made it clear he was able to solve a problem. Holtzclaw’s mother recalled how, as a 8-year-old, Holtzclaw set out from home for his third season into his neighborhood with the duty of explaining to his clients; little old neighbor ladies, that the Christmas cards that he had sold to them two months earlier wouldn’t be delivered on time for Christmas. “He was really afraid to have to break the news to these ladies and wasn’t sure how they were going to take the news and was pleasantly surprised to find that they could use them the next year. He’s been solving problems ever since.”

Holtzclaw who was raised with 3 sisters and 2 brothers, grew up in Oakdale, a country community and has managed to live all his life within ½ hour drive from there. He worked a lot with his father, who worked as a home builder, building custom homes in the local community. When Holtzclaw was younger, his father would have him clean up the jobsite and then as a teenager, Holtzclaw tried to cut off three of his fingers with a table saw, only to save them by having listened to his father’s advice to ”never set the saw blade more than ¼ inch above the top of the wood.” It must have been about then that Holtzclaw began to think about selling homes rather than building them.

Although never a straight-A student in school, Holtzclaw proved himself in football, basketball and track & field. His talents earned him recognition from his coaches as the school’s “most dedicated senior athlete.” Holtzclaw says ”Whenever I’ve excelled at something, I had always sensed a dedication to others around me.”


For many years, he pushed boulders up a hill, and that’s where the Real Estate industry found Holtzclaw, hating what he had been doing and where life had taken him. “That was an experience that really made me take a good look at myself, and what I had been doing and how I managed to get there.”

It took a phone call to Tom Stone, a friend and co-founder of Prudential California Realty in Modesto, asking for career advice, to inspire Holtzclaw to take a look into a career in real estate. Holtzclaw says, “When I was about twenty, I thought about going into real estate, but I didn’t think I could do it, but at forty three it seemed like the right thing to do.”

Am I doing what I am intended to do? Am I being who I genuinely am? After searching and looking for answers everywhere to those questions, he says, “We get too busy being caught up in the flow of day-to-day activities to stop and think about who we are.” I found myself doing things that were not anywhere near what I needed to be doing. Holtzclaw says, “That’s where helping people with real estate comes in.’


As an entrepreneur, Holtzclaw is a strong believer that it takes two things to make it as a small business owner. The first is a defined product. The second is an unbridled passion that comes only from doing something you truly love and believe in.

I went from a small business where I was going through the motions to a small business that is a passion for me,” he says about becoming a REALTOR. “It is something I truly believe in, and I can’t wait to get up and get to work in the morning and just hate to leave it at the end of the day.”

Having firsthand experience with what it takes to create a successful business, Holtzclaw cites the statistic that more than 90 percent of small businesses fail within the first year, with another 80 percent following suit in the second year. He attributes the high failure rate to people not understanding the amount of commitment it takes to keep a business up and running. If you don’t feel that inspiration, says Holtzclaw, you need to redefine who or what your small business is and get behind the part of it or the applications of your skills that match your passion. Once that happens, he adds, it will be like rolling rocks down the hill.

For Holtzclaw it was not only a matter of leaving a career he didn’t like, but also forging one he loved. He identified his strengths—analytical and communication skills—and combined them with his love of competition. Now his work at Re/Max of California lets him analyze home values, communicate to his clients what the process will probably look like to buy or sell property and then handle the transaction, always wanting to create a win/win situation for everyone.


Despite his success in Real Estate, Holtzclaw says what he is most proud of are his three daughters.


Holtzclaw puts God first in his life.